Things to do in zakopane

5 unusual Zakopane attractions



Tubing from the Wielka Krokiew ski jump

If you're wondering what to do in Zakopane to increase your adrenaline level, we have a crazy idea for you. Everyone has the opportunity to slide the Wielka Krokiew ski jump. When open for tourists, Wielka Krokiew has become the largest slide in the world!

The enormous speed is similar to that achieved by the jumper, all in a completely safe way. The downhill slide takes place in a special pontoons/tubes. If you are looking for an extreme Zakopane attraction this idea is for you.

There are three levels to choose from: easy – available for children, to extreme – for the real daredevils.

The largest exotic parrot exhibition in Zakopane

Interesting thing to do in Zakopane during bad weather. We recommend the coolest and the largest exotic parrot exibition in this area. It is located on the Road to Olcza 11 and has the patronage of the Mayor of Zakopane!

During the visit, hand-fed parrots can jump on your shoulders and hug you. The birds learned to speak, which means they speak some words in Polish, such as "hello", "good morning" or "I love you".

You can see more than 100 beautiful specimens such as Mountain Loris, Kakadu, Chinese Alexandrites and many others. Each parrot is very different, but the most common feature of all parrot species are their beautiful, brightly colored wings. A great thing to do in Zakopane for kids!

Highlander Glide

What to do in Zakopane? Check a giant 8 track slide located just off Krupówki below the lower railway station to Gubałówka. An attraction for children and adults. You can slide down the 50-meters slides in tandem or race simultaneously with family or friends.

A house upside down

Another noteworthy Zakopane attraction, which is a relatively new option for tourists, is an upside down house. It is a house that lies on its roof. The construction has been prepared deliberately so that you can go inside and experience unimaginable inverted impressions. Everything is in the air, and visitors seem to be walking on the ceiling. This is a great curiosity that will delight both older and younger tourists relaxing in Zakopane.

Mice Land

The most unusual of Zakopane attractions. Have you ever seen mice (real ones!) riding a train, flying in a UFO, living in a highlander's village or in fully equipped houses in trees, a guitar or a sideboard? This is where you will see as many as a thousand little mice living in various sceneries. 12 artists created this amazing place! You can spend up to several dozen minutes with children in an unusual way. Everything is viewed from behind glass. Mice Land - is a completely new thing to do in Zakopane. Children will definitely be satisfied.


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